Mining cryptos made incredibly easy. Move over NiceHash! MinerGate Tutorial


Greetings and welcome to this article. The purpose of this article will be for me to share what I have found incredibly helpful for me in mining cryptos. I have been having difficulty with the many different miners, and for the past month I have been using NiceHash. NiceHash has been easy for me and I have made some change from letting my computer mine 24/7. NiceHash pays in bitcoins , but I realized massive opportunity in actually mining and holding some of these coins as I feel they will be raising in price (overall to its respective value) more than bitcoin will in the early future.

Anyways, I tried to then download and try one of the many solominers, connecting to different pools, etc. Needless to say, amongst the constant crashing and failure to connect (and probably read instructions on my part) I had no success.

Here comes MinerGate. I have never heard about it before for some reason and after trying it out, I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY how easy, efficient, and polished MinerGate really is!

Let me explain very briefly. Or actually let this picture of the interface explain as that’s all that is needed. It’s too easy.

There are a ton of coins that you can choose to mine, instantly, effortlessly. As of the writing of this article, the options are :

  1. Zcash
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ethereum Classic
  4. Bitcoin
  5. Litecoin
  6. Bytecoin
  7. Monero
  8. FantomCoin
  9. QuazarCoin
  10. DigitalNote
  11. MonetaVerde
  12. Dashcoin
  13. Aeon coin
  14. Infinium-8

There is also a smart-miner that uses a sophisticated built in system that automatically picks the best one to mine for you, similar to NiceHash. The difference being, you actually keep the coins you mined rather than being paid only in bitcoin. The implication here is, after being familiar with the crypto market, one can potentially gain MUCH MORE profit if the coins they mined grows at a greater rate overall than compared to bitcoin.

Here is the picture of the GUI Dashboard that is live alongside your desktop client

And the coins automatically go into your wallet that syncs with your online account. No need to have to fumble with 30 different addresses. And from the website you can then send them wherever you want.
Enough talking, check it out now (Oh and its completely free)

(The url below helps provide a signup bonus. Kindly ensure to use the link below to register)